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Welcome to California Teaching! We’re here to help you find an online education program that is right for you. California Teaching helps educators connect with top universities that provide 100% online and regionally accredited, state-approved undergraduate and graduate education programs. We will provide you with information about online degree programs, professional development, and resources for teachers in the state of California. We advocate the importance of higher education and help teachers build their careers by providing assistance while making a career change and/or advancement in the field of Education by connecting them with regionally accredited universities. Are you ready to make a difference?

California has one of the fastest growing student populations in the United States. There is great demand for California teachers in major cities, suburbs, and rural areas.

Already a Certified Teacher?

No problem! California Teaching is targeted toward helping educators of all experience levels. Since a majority of states are now requiring teachers to attain a master’s degree, we can help you further your education by giving you a jump-start on your degree search. And don’t forget, with advanced degrees comes increased compensation, so, why not start right away?

All of our university partners offer online degree programs specifically suited for working adults. While there are many benefits to post-graduate online education programs, the primary benefits include:

  • the ability to choose a program that meets your needs
  • cost of attendance
  • time of completion
  • the flexibility to complete coursework at your leisure
  • and ultimately, the opportunity to work with professionals who share your passion for education.

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