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Cardboard Recycling

Important Things to Know About Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard can save more than 17 trees and save the environment. Other than that, cardboard recycling is a straight-forward process. However, you need to know some facts on cardboard recycling if you want to achieve the best results. While most cardboard can be recycled, some of them cannot, and it can be difficult remembering which is which. Here are a few important things to know about the process.

Types of Cardboard

When you want to recycle cardboard, first ensure you know the type of cardboard you have at hand and if it can be recycled successfully. If you want to make brown packing boxes, use corrugated cardboard. It has a wavy inner layer, which makes it look like a three-layer sandwich of cardboard.

The other cardboard is known as paperboard. Some people call it chipboard. This one is a single layer of gray cardboard. If you want to make cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and other packages, this is the right choice. There no other types of cardboard apart from these two options.

When Should You Recycle Cardboard

Cardboard recycling can be done almost at any time. However, remember Cardboard Recycling Services Melbourne by AB Recycling often require that the boxes be flattened prior to collection. Things such as labels and tapes that are often left on cardboard can be removed at the recycling center. If your collection company requires the cardboard to be tied or taped together, do that. It can help prevent the wind from messing you up. When you start cardboard recycling, you can be shocked by the high number of valuable boxes you have been throwing away every week.

When Cardboard Recycling is Not Appropriate

Corrugated cardboard and paperboard can be recycled, as has been shown. However, there are times when they shouldn’t be recycled. Food containers such as pizza boxes are often contaminated with grease. For this reasons, they are useless for cardboard recycling.

Also be careful when you get containers that are coated with wax or other substances. Most of them are usually coated with different substances to strengthen them whenever they are wet. They are also useless for cardboard recycling. Remember some collectors won’t take wet cardboard as well. For more information on what your local recycling center accepts, contact them directly.

Benefits of Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard recycling has lots of environmental and economic benefits. It’s more sustainable than cutting down trees. It can help keep the earth healthy. Businesses are also able to save money when they use recycled cardboard.

Cardboard is a very marketable scrap material. This makes recycling the waste quite beneficial. What should you do then? Adopt these cardboard recycling best practices to help you get the best value from recycling this waste stream.

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