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Hiring Brisbane Painting Firms

Questions To Ask A Commercial Painting Brisbane Firm Before Hiring Them

When your commercial property is in need of paint, it’s time to hire a firm that does commercial painting Brisbane. It’s important to realize that there are some specific questions you should ask a potential painter before hiring them to do the job. By asking the questions below you can ensure that you completely understand how the job will be performed and that you will have the outcome that you have envisioned.

Can They Work On Off-Hours? 

Commercial properties usually are packed full of tenants or business offices that get used throughout the daytime hours. Commercial painting Brisbane firms know this and many will offer you off-hour working. For office buildings, this may be during the nighttime and weekend when the offices are closed. For store complexes, this may be in the nighttime hours when the stores are closed. You should talk to the firm that does commercial painting Brisbane about your building’s schedules and come up with a plan to ensure their work doesn’t interrupt the daily flow of what goes on in your building.

Will They Protect Your Items Before Painting? 

While this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when hiring a firm, it’s an important area to consider. There are likely furniture and some carpeting in your commercial building. You want to ensure that the firm doing the commercial painters Brisbane is going to take the necessary precautions to protect your items from the paint, dust, and other preparation that takes place while they’re doing their job.

Will They Cleanup Up The Debris? 

While it’s likely that you already have a cleaning staff that does regular cleaning at night, it’s important to discuss who will be doing the cleanup of the painting debris. Remember that any good commercial painting Brisbane firm will do the proper preparation, which involves sanding, patching, and other similar activities. This can leave behind debris that will need to be cleaned up. You should ensure that the painting firm will be taking care of the debris so that you’re cleaning staff is not left with a large mess.

Will They Contact The Tenants Or Business Offices For Scheduling? 

A firm that does commercial painting Brisbane should be able to formulate a schedule to accompany the many offices and tenants in your building. Ideally, the painting should be done during the off-hours with the least amount of interruption to the tenants. You should see if the painting firm will be contacting the tenants directly during the process to advise them of when their areas are scheduled to be painted or if you will be responsible for alerting them. This is something that needs to be hashed out before the project starts so that your tenants have time to prepare before the painters come to do the job.

Before you hire any firm to take care of your commercial painting job, you need to take a few things into consideration. By asking a potential hire the questions listed above, you can ensure that you have all the specifics hashed out in the beginning. This will greatly prevent you from having any major problems during the painting process.

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